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  • X-Series - Limited Lifetime
  • F-Series - 2 Years
  • R-Series - 1 Year
  • S-Series - 1 Year
  • C-Series (Cubes)- 2 Years
  • J-Series - 1 Year
  • M-Series - Limited Lifetime
  • Rock lights - 1 year
  • Strip lights - 1 year
  • Flashlights - 18 Months
  • X3 Headlight Bulbs - 2 Years
  • XR5 and FX3 Headlight Bulbs - 1 Year
  • FX4 Headlight Bulbs - 1 Year
  • Anti-Flicker Kits - 1 Year
  • LED Bulbs - 1 Year


  • For all warranty claims, the original product receipt/product invoice is required.
  • Any accident, abuse, modification, improper installation, or if the product is used differently than what it was intended for, will void the warranty.
  • Any discontinued product sent in for warranty service will be replaced with a product of equal or lesser value at Performance LED Lighting's discretion.
  • Warranty does not cover the cost of labor and shipping.
  • Warranty is limited to replacing a defective part without charge, but please note that warranty does not cover the cost of labor and shipping costs.
  • In no event shall Performance LED Lighting be held responsible for any consequential or special damages, including but not limited to lamp housing, wiring harnesses, and relays.
  • All our products designs and specifications listed on our website are subject to change without notice.


  • Contact us at Describe the issue and send photos of the problem. You'll also need to have proof of payment (receipt) in order for a warranty claim to go through. See above for warranty lengths.
  • We will review the issue and provide a solution for you. Discontinued products will be replaced with a similar item of equal or lesser value.